Specna Arms SA-A03 (ASCU2 Gen.4+ version)


Specna Arms SA-A03
carbine replica is made mostly of zinc and aluminum alloy, using steel elements in the most sensitive point of the replica (steel are all screws , pins and tactical suspension. The storage battery of the SF type flask and the pistol grip were made of polymer plastic. The replica body and RIS rails are subjected to an anodising process , which guarantees a high degree of protection against corrosion. The painting itself was made by powdering , after sanding the surface. This provides a much higher abrasion resistance than conventional abrasion. The USMC markings are on the body.
The replica has been very well folded – in a way that has so far been seen almost exclusively by G & P and Classic Army – and perfectly balanced. This provides the perfect maneuverability of the replica, and its weight is to this when the replica is placed near the shoulder almost unnoticed.
In the replica there is a system of rapid spring exchange, so called. Enter & Convert ™ . This allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the power of the replica to the conditions you expect in the gameplay field without having to have access to a workshop or a variety of specialist tools – after removing the gearbox from the replica body, the process of replacing the spring itself takes literally a few seconds.
The advantages of Enter & Convert ™ are difficult to overestimate. In light of the trend throughout Europe to apply the legal speed limits of the replica and the existing arrangements within the environment itself, this system provides the user with significant opportunities and many freedoms. The Enter & Convert ™ system allows you to replace the main spring with minimal time to adjust the output speed of the replica to the game area so as to guarantee the perfect compromise between fire efficiency and the safety of your own and other players.
Replica is fully compatible with LiPo and LiFe batteries. With a base initial velocity of ~ 410 FPS guaranteed by the factory-fitted main spring, the replica is ideal for mid-range operations. Also included is a spring type M90 , which reduces the initial speed to ~ 310 FPS, making it a replica perfectly suited for short distance or indoor use.
Reinforced at the cylinder head, the gearbox conceals the steel spring guide that is part of the Enter & Convert ™ system and is mounted on 8 mm ball bearings h and steel sprockets . The system is secured with four anti-return latches. Lightweight, made of polycarbonate plastic, the piston is equipped with a steel tooth to increase its strength. There is also a type 2 cylinder and a steel chopper as well as a metal hop-up compartment .
The replica was equipped with 22 mm RIS rails, RIS rail front assembly and adjustable flask. On the upper RIS rail, metal flip-up sights are installed, but they can be freely replaced by any optoelectronic sights. With a slip-resistant flip with a non-slip texture, it is possible to adjust the length of the replica to the construction and the shooter’s preferences. The standard flame arrestor is mounted on a 14mm twist thread , which allows it to be attached to the sound absorber.
In order to enhance the realism of the game, the replica was also equipped with a functioning lock release .
The replica also features a steel hi-cap magazine with 300 balls.
Arms Specials are compatible with many magazines available on the market, including:
– Airsoft Systems,
– SRC,
– King Arms,
– MAG,
– ACM.
Additional accessories shown in the pictures are not included!
Replica has an ASCU2 Gen.4 + system installed in our service
In the latest version of the ASCU2 Gen 4+ we get improved software that protects the system from damage caused by the use of damaged or low quality battery packs.
ASCU is a two-piece electronic module (control unit and sensor unit) that, when installed in Airsoft replicas, significantly improves their performance . The traditional contact system has been replaced by a sensor unit that monitors the current position of the piston rack, fire selector and trigger. The information that is received is passed to the control unit – the software in the processor analyzes and controls the replica engine with the active MOSFET brake.
Version 4 is primarily:
1. New transistors that provide 16 times less resistance than previous versions, resulting in even faster trigger response, better active brake action and reduced heat generation
. 2. New high power trigger mic
. 3. New, enhanced overall system design with polymer housing
4. Increased short-circuit protection
5. Much easier installation
Upgraded software for easy programming 7. Enhanced dedicated chopper lever
8. Enhanced, dedicated selector plate
ASCU streamlines v2 gearboxes and makes replicas comparable to the most costly and complex PTW replicas .
The ASCU monitors the operation of the replica regardless of the speed of the trigger and is responsible for the complete execution of the piston duty cycle, both in semi-automatic fire and continuous fire mode. After each shot, the piston stops in the starting position.
The ASCU has a Low Drain Protection system specially designed to protect against lithium polymer batteries (LiPo).
The ASCU interrupts the fire mode in the replica in case of any problems, thereby protecting the internal components from further damage.
It is recommended to use a battery with a voltage of 11.1 or 12V.
Batteries 7,4 and 8,4V can only be used in configurations with main spring M90-M100.
The manufacturer recommends using a high quality engine with ASCU2 gen.4 +.
The manufacturer recommends using a high quality battery with ASCU2 gen.4 +.
The kit includes:
– replica
– magazine
– mechanical sights
– additional main spring

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